Eco-friendly Salon in Harlem

eco friendlyA new eco-friendly salon, called Simply Hair, was launched in Harlem recently. After starting to research on ways to reduce her carbon footprint, owner and hair stylist Ruth Brooks found that enough products were available in the market for her to run a completely green salon, and it would serve the needs of all her clients very well.

A Unique Salon in the Kalahari Building

Positioned in one of the posh green residences of Harlem – the KalahariBuilding – Simply Hair not only uses eco friendly promotional items instead of chemical cosmetics, but also uses wind power and solar cells for electricity. This unique salon is the first green beauty salon in the neighborhood of Harlem.

Eco Friendly Promotional Items at the Salon

Simply Hair has made every effort to do away with anything that is not eco friendly. Starting from the positioning of the salon – inside the first green condominium of Harlem – to the type of power used for running its equipments, everything is eco friendly. The building harnesses the power of the sun and wind, and the salon makes use of this green energy. This power source is LEED certified, which puts the salon in an added esteem.

Motivated by the earth’s need for more eco friendly solutions, owner Ruth Brooks was looking for organic ways to carry out her beauty treatments initially, but in the process she found enough non-toxic items with which she opened this unique salon. Equipped with more than 15 years of experience in this business, Brooks has a number of clients from different cultures. But she has stocked enough items in her salon to service the needs of all of these clients appropriately.

The Services Offered By the Salon

Simply Hair’s beauty treatment strives to be free of harmful chemicals. But only since the salon uses eco friendly promotional items, it does not mean that it cannot give your hair a dye job or straightening. The botanical products that Brooks uses include ammonia-free hair dyes and VOC-free nail colors. The techniques used for the beauty treatments are also environmentally friendly. Even if you want a complicated hairstyle, you will not get harsh chemicals in your hair for that.

For the perms and smoothing treatments, the salon only uses certified organic keratin and colors. The pedicure and manicure services use Zoya all-natural products. The Phytologie products for hair treatment include an eco-friendly relaxer with soy and eggs technology. Apart from the products, the manner of the stylists will also provide you with a great salon experience. It feels great to have a salon that takes care of not only your personal health, but the earth’s health as well.


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