Eco-friendly Town Homes in Bay Village

organicA recent article in the newspapers covered the story of Abode Modern Lifestyle Developers to look at developing eco-friendly town homes in the Bay Village Area. It is a development corporation that has already completed luxury home projects in Little Italy, Cleveland, Lakewood, and Rocky River. As a result of the high construction costs involved, Andrew Brickman is also looking for tax abatements to help him sell the properties and make them more desirable to people looking to invest.

The plan proposed by the developer

The plan proposed by Andrew Brickman is for the homes to be constructed in ranges of 1,800 square feet to 3,000 square feet – using sustainable materials for construction such as bamboo and energy efficient windows. The initial layout plans show the constructions to be 2 bedrooms with 2 ½ baths. Andrew Brickman claims that because of the various “green” building techniques involved, there should be very little actual maintenance required on the units once they have been constructed. The units are also planned to contain rooftop decks and fireplace, all adding to the charm of the space. In addition, the developer states that the idea is for each of the houses to be focused on zero-maintenance, where the owners will not be responsible for cutting the grass in their yards.

Andrew Brickman is also keen to stress that, as much as possible, construction material will be purchased from within the locality in order to increase trade within the area. He also stresses that any out of town parties that are interested in the units will add to the income tax collected by the region, which is helpful to the city council.

Eco friendly promotional items encouraged by Abode Modern Lifestyle Developers

Eco friendly promotional items are highly encouraged by Abode Modern Lifestyle Developers. They ensure that their projects are as “green” as possible. The fact that they have a number of years developing these very projects should be seen as a boon for the locality.

Many individuals and nuclear families that have bought into Abode Modern Lifestyle Developer’s approach, appear to be happy with the thought and knowledge that has gone into the entire development. Re-zoning of the localities is something they are keen to do and with this particular project, any re-zoning will have to go before a city council before it is cleared. Brickman stresses that he would like to see the issue go before the council in the November ballot so that construction could start around next spring.


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