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Shopping BagEl Cerrito currently has a decision pending on the ban of plastic bags in the city. The Environmental Quality Committee recently gave its approval to the proposal that stated a ban on one-time plastic bags along with styrene containers that are used for takeout food. Apart from the ban, the proposal also plans the purchase of a land of 7.5 acres for the city. 

Ban on plastic bags and containers

The verdict on the ban is currently in the stage where public comments are heard. After the end of this stage, the first draft will be considered by the City Council in August. Recently, a second meeting was held where the citizens of El Cerrito were given a chance to give their opinion on the ordinance on plastic bags and containers.

Environmental analyst of the city, Garth Schultz said that the city received a total of 25 comments in the form of email, fax, and letter. 15 of these comments favored the ordinance while five of them opposed it. Schultz showed his support for the ban by saying that plastic bags are responsible to a large extent for littering the environment, specifically the waterways and oceans. He also said that these bags are a threat to the wildlife.

The ban on polystyrene containers will be applicable in restaurants and all food service facilities in the city that offer takeout food. They will be required to use recyclable or reusable containers instead. Plastic bags will have to be replaced with reusable shopping bag custom printed.

Is shopping bag custom printed the solution to the ban?

Mixed opinions were seen at the recent meeting on the ordinance. Apart from locals from the city, few representatives from Clean Water Action, which is an environmental group based in Oakland, showed their support for the ban. One of the representatives of the group, Samantha Meyer said that 30 percent of the residents of California have such ordinances passed in their areas. She also said that only five percent of plastic bags get recycled. Many of them either get dumped in landfills or stay right there in the environment.

Mary Walker, one of the speakers of the city described plastic bags as a litter problem and not exactly the problem of the bags. She added that people who have been properly using and disposing plastic bags should not be punished with this rule, just because some people do not dispose the bags properly. Sam Krueger, environmental member of the committee disagreed by saying that plastic bags are inherently problematic and need to be thrown out of the environment.

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