Elevation Burger – A Delight for Organic Food Lovers

organicElevation Burger, a fast food chain, has been satisfying the cravings of organic food lovers in the US since the year 2005. Their grass-fed beef burgers are becoming a hit with the masses that prefer organic food without compromising on the taste. The food joint is famous for serving food that is 100% grass-fed and organic. Their indomitable position in the organic burger market enabled them to successfully start franchising in 2008. 

An organic burger chain in the US

Elevation Burger was conceptualized in 2002, when the founder, Hans Hess, was in the search of a different and a ‘perfect’ burger. After three years of thorough research and testing, the food chain was launched in the year 2005 in Washington D.C. Elevation Burger has spread their centers across 10 states in the US. They have also made their presence felt in Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

Eco friendly promotional items used by Elevation Burger

Flavors rule the roost in Elevation Burger’s kitchen as ‘Ingredients Matter’ happens to be their mantra. Beef used by them is pounded fresh daily in all their outlets. If food experts are to be believed, grass-fed organic beef is healthier and flavorsome as compared to regular corn-fed beef. Also, the cows are treated more humanely while procuring organic beef.

It’s not just the beef that is organic. In their menu, Elevation Burger has fries prepared of 100% olive oil, which is far better than the ones fried in other processed oils. This is mainly because it is gluten free and contains no saturated fats or Trans fats. Scrumptious cookies are prepared using organic eggs and butter. Non-processed aged cheddar cheese is generously placed on the burgers, or you can also opt for blue cheese. They also serve organic bacon! Vegans won’t be disappointed either, as Elevation Burger also serves quite a few vegan burgers. They also offer delicious, freshly made shakes and malts that are available in more than 8 flavors.

Moving away from the menu, Elevation Burger manages to keep the organic theme alive by using eco friendly promotional items in other elements as well. Organic living can be promoted in true sense only if they are backed by eco friendly promotional items. Elevations Burger understands that and stays true to their vision. For instance, the appliances used in the restaurant are made from organic and sustainable materials such as bamboo. The restaurant features bamboo flooring, recycled tiles, and tables made from a sorghum by-product. They also use energy-efficient lights and recycle oil for biodiesel purposes, which goes a long way in helping the environment.



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