Fashion Designers Promote Eco-friendly Clothing and Pet Bags

Eco-friendly Clothing

The environmentally inclined fashion designers

At present, many fashion houses and fashion designers are trying to use eco-friendly materials for their clothes. Loomstate, a fashion house set up by Scott Mackinlay Hahn and Rogan Gregory, launched in the year 2004, is one of the few such houses that try and make their products environment-friendly. This fashion house uses 100 percent organic cotton for its products, and it also uses Tencel, a product made from wood pulp.

According to Gregory, using organic raw materials helps in enhancing the beauty of the designs. He stated that organic fibers and organic knit are usually softer and of a higher quality in comparison to other raw materials. So the designs of the outfits created by this fashion house remain intact. Gregory recommends eco-friendly raw materials to other designers as well.

Another designer who believes in using organic materials for his creations is Daniel Silverstein, who works from Brooklyn. Daniel is very particular about the materials used to make his products. Apart from the raw materials, he is concerned about the amount of material that is wasted while making a clothing item. He stated that he uses the pieces of cloth wasted during cutting to make unique patterns on his dresses.

Designers promote eco-friendly accessories like pet bags

According to Daniel, eco-friendly garments are very fashionable and are quite popular these days. As a matter of fact, he feels that apart from the eco-label, customers choose to buy these products for their designs and appeal. Experts stated that customers buy garments to enhance their appeal, and if eco-friendly attires help them in doing that, they would definitely prefer them over conventional clothing items.

Experts also feel that eco-friendly accessories are gaining a lot of popularity among the customers. Eco-friendly handbags, pet bags, jewelry, scarves, and even shoes have made their space in the fashion industry. Environmentalists are hoping that with the rising interest in eco-friendly attires, more people will switch their fashion preferences, so that the environmental footprint of the industry will reduce.


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