Get Healthy with Organic Eggs

Organic EggsO’Hayer is attempting to change the cramped living conditions of laying hen, probably the most victimized farm animal. Hens that lay eggs are usually found in battery cages that are no more in size than an A4 printer paper. Some states like California have already begun phasing out battery cages. However, these hens condition is not much improved in crammed warehouses.

Stay healthy with organic eggs

O’Hayer, co-founder of Vital Farms is attempting to bring about a transformation in the living conditions of laying hen. Vital Farms is a network of farms owned by families in Austin, Texas. The farm supplies poultry and pasture raised eggs. The hens eat pasture grass and organic feed. They have the freedom to move out and each of them get about 108 square feet. The result is not just the better condition for hens but even better tasting humane eggs. When hens get more space, they can flap their wings freely and be more natural.

Vital Farms, with revenue hitting 4.9 million dollars a year ago, began in 2007 and is growing rapidly today through Whole Foods Chain. Vital Farms became popular due to their innovative and humane ways of managing animals. Their exemplary treatment of animals motivated other egg farmers to join the network of Vital Farms. However, the transition from the conventional to organic method is expensive and time-consuming. It costs at least $25 per hen to make the transition. Yet, Vital Farm is determined to spread the idea of pasturing. They have adopted the method of crowd funding to raise financial resources needed for a Georgian farm to adopt the pasture method.

It is not yet known whether they can successfully raise the needed funds. However, the raised profile of Vital Farms favoring pasture raised eggs will eventually benefit the consumers.

Making eco friendly promotional items a part of your life

The idea of making eco friendly promotional items a part of your life is increasingly catching on. It doesn’t require much effort to adopt an eco friendly lifestyle if you are determined to consume eco friendly sustainable products and minimize the use of non-eco friendly products as far as possible. If you purchase locally grown fruits as well as vegetables and farm fed animals you can make the shift in the desired direction.

In addition, organic foods can be identified in your local stores and must be purchased. There are several consumer items other than food and drink such as green fuel, eco friendly paper plates, and the objects that do not use harmful plastics in them. These products should be preferred over other conventional products.


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