Green Jobs Flourishing in Orange County

recyclingAccording to recent reports, the number of green jobs is increasing at a steady rate in the US, especially in the Orange County, and in other parts of California. Experts feel that this increase has taken place due to the latest legislative mandates and governmental incentives that support green jobs. Since green jobs help business owners save up on money, they are being incorporated in a lot of offices.

Legislation that supports green jobs

A few years ago, the lawmakers in California enacted a specific law with regard to global warming. This law aims at reducing the level of greenhouse gases in the region, and in order to achieve this aim, the law encourages businesses to adopt eco friendly promotional items. After this law came into effect, a whole new industry of offset verifiers and carbon traders emerged in California, employing individuals in a variety of green jobs.

The lawmakers in California had earlier expressed their concern with regard to the vehicle pollution levels in the state, and hence the automobile industry was forced to introduce more and more hybrid cars within the state. The automobile industry in this region already employs close to 5500 people and with the increase in the production of hybrid cars, these figures have been increasing consistently.

Companies promoting eco friendly promotional items

Experts feel that companies themselves are trying to produce more green jobs for their employees. According to Michael Brandman, a pioneer in environmental consulting, companies are moving towards implementing eco-friendly strategies, and so a lot of green jobs are flourishing in the market, especially in advanced economies such as the United States. In the year 2010, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics stated that close to 3.1 million jobs in the country were associated to green services or goods, and these figures were expected to rise at least three times in the next five years. So it won’t be surprising if in the coming 10 or 15 years, a quarter of the US economy comprises green jobs.

Green jobs in California

In regions like California, the residents have a lot of green jobs to choose from. A lot of the construction jobs in the region are certified by the Green Building Council of the US. Apart from the construction sector, the waste management sector has a lot of opportunities for the residents as well. Most of these jobs deal with recycling activities that convert waste into eco friendly promotional items.


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