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businessOn the celebration of Earth day, Boulder residents named Matt Neidenberg and Oberreuter initiated a project to unite environment-conscious organizations throughout the world through a social media directory called the Greener50. Through this platform, the proprietors are attempting to share experiences and educate organizations about cost-effective and eco-friendly business practices.

The increasing rate of energy consumption throughout the world is one of the most pressing issues concerning environmentalists. Small steps taken by individuals and enterprises to adopt greener business practices hold great potential to tackle this issue. Greener50 is such an endeavor to connect businesses to eco-friendly practices from all around the world.

Greener50 – a unique concept to promote eco-friendly products among people

Greener50 is a unique concept which brings together the companies dedicated to eco-friendly practices in their businesses under one roof. The website serves as a directory and a social media platform for enterprises to find and interact with others regarding advanced technologies which can be used to design greener processes in their workplace. With the help of this website, companies attempting to create greener businesses for the first time can get inspiration by interacting with pros in the field. The companies can share new and unique ideas with one another to create a greener future and save their resources in the process of doing so.

In a short period of time since the launch of Greener50 on March 1, more than 100 companies have already registered at the website. This marks a new era in eco-friendly business practices adopted by companies throughout the world. Oberreuter says that this idea cropped in his mind about 4 years ago and he believes this is a great way to spot local and national eco-conscious businesses. Neidenberg, who had extensive experience working with environmental nonprofits groups, was toying with a similar idea. Both wanted the website to be unique such that it works not merely as a list but as an interactive platform, which adds value to the whole effort.

The importance of promoting eco friendly promotional items

The major obstacle in the path of mobilizing an extensive environment-friendly movement is the lack of adequate knowledge about the advantages of greener practices over conventional energy-consuming practices. Businesses, both small and big, can benefit by encouraging the use of eco-friendly promotional items which are cost-effective and at the same time are able to create goodwill about the company’s ethics in the market. Sponsoring environmental movements is a unique way to motivate private-public partnerships, working towards the greater cause of saving the nature for the future generations.


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