Greensburg and Youngwood Get Grants for Recycling and Hope to Promote Recycled Pet Bags

recycled pet bagsIn order to improve the recycling rates within the city, Greensburg and Youngwood are planning on purchasing new equipment. The Department of Environmental Protection within the state is going to offer grants to both these regions, and the authorities in these regions are planning on using the grants for buying the new equipment.

New recycling equipment in Greensburg and Youngwood

The Environmental Protection Department in the state of Pennsylvania has decided to give the authorities in Greensburg a grant of $34,704, and the officials in Youngwood are going to receive a grant of $77,130. With the help of these grants, the authorities in both these regions have decided to buy new recycling equipment in order to facilitate the tasks of the recycling centers.

The authorities in Youngwood have decided to spend some more money in addition to this grant in order to purchase leaf vacuum boxes, wood chippers, a backhoe, and leaf vacuums. The waste disposal authorities in this region are also planning on making new recycling boards to educate the residents. According to a Youngwood Public Works Supervisor, John Storey, the authorities are going to purchase equipment worth $170,000, and the borough officials will contribute approximately $45,000 to this fund.

On the other hand, the authorities in Greensburg are going to use their grant to purchase a brush chipper. According to Sue Trout, a City Administrator in Greensburg, the authorities are only going to buy single equipment with the grant money, as the city has the best brush pickup program in Pennsylvania.

The need to improve recycling and promote recycled pet bags

Every year, the Department of Environmental Protection offers grants to a number of cities and counties in order to help them with their recycling initiatives. In 2012, the department gave approximately 131 counties and municipalities grants worth $17.8 million. These grants help in improving the recycling facilities within the counties, and they are also used to encourage the use of eco-friendly products, such as reusable bags and recycled pet bags, among the residents.

The department ensures that it gives grants to counties and cities that can improve their recycling facilities. According to experts, both Greensburg and Youngwood have good recycling systems, but with a few changes these regions can increase their recycling rates by substantial amounts. This is why the grants have been issued to them. The department is hoping that both these regions will use the grants to their advantage, and make positive changes in their recycling system by using them.


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