Grocery Bags Likely to Carry Bacteria

wholesale reusable bagsReusable bags are considered to be a better alternative to plastic bags when it comes to protecting the environment but a study performed by two universities suggests that these bags may have bacteria such as E. Coli.

Time and again, environmentalists have urged us to switch to reusable bags for our groceries. Of course, conservation of our resources and prevention of pollution is the need of the hour. However, when using reusable bags, we need to take a minute to think about what remains in those bags after we have removed our groceries. There is a high probability that our bags are now home to a wide range of bacteria that can lead to illness.

How are they dangerous?

It is not uncommon for a person to wonder how reusable bags could be dangerous, especially since the government and environmentalists have been advocating the ban on plastic bags and encouraging the use of reusable bags.

All food items, especially raw and unwashed ones, carry some amount of bacteria. When we put them together into the same bag, there is a chance that the bacteria could cross-contaminate the other food items. When meat is carried in the bag, the juices usually spill out into the bag and leave behind bacteria such as the deadly E. Coli. Even after the food items are taken out, some germs remain in the bag and they tend to multiply. If we are not careful enough, we could consume the bacteria and end up with a serious health condition.

In addition, when a bag, especially one with meat, is kept in the trunk of a car, the warm and damp conditions encourage the growth of the bacteria in the bag. A span of two hours could result in there being ten times more bacteria in your reusable bag, making the bag a breeding place for bacteria.

The study conducted by the two universities mentioned above proved that reusable bags could have other bacteria in addition to E.Coli, which could cause food poisoning. Furthermore, it was noted that the instances of gastrointestinal infections had increased since the ban on plastic bags, and investigations led to the revelation that most infections were contracted by people who used reusable bags for their groceries.

Using wholesale reusable bags correctly

If you use wholesale reusable bags carefully, you can protect yourself from the harmful bacteria by quite an extent. Always make sure that you wash your bag after every use. If the fabric can withstand heat, soaking it in hot water for some time will help kill the harmful microbes. Adding a few drops of an antiseptic solution to the water will also prove useful. Ensure that the bag is completely dry before you put it away or use it again.

Avoid keeping food items in the bag for a prolonged period of time in order to prevent cross-contamination of your food. Before putting meat into the bag, ask for it to be packed in a plastic bag first so that the juices do not ooze out into the bag.

Last, but not the least, not only should you wash all the food items in the bag well before consumption, but also wash your hands well after emptying out your bag.


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