How To Pack A Reusable Grocery Bag

There is a method to packing a reusable grocery bag so that your groceries will be protected while carrying them into your house safely.  Since plastic bags have come along, grocery baggers have not had to learn how to pack a larger bag properly because less items fit into the plastic bags.  However, you can help the bagger pack properly by lining up your items on the scanner in the order you want them packed in and separated by the bag you want them to go into.

For instance, place the reusable grocery bag for cleaning products on the scanner first.  Behind your reusable grocery bag, line up household cleaners, laundry soap, and personal care items such as shampoo and soap, heaviest items first.  The bagger will want to keep these items seperate from any food items in case of spillage, so behind those products, put the next reusable shopping bag on the scanner.

The next items to be put on the scanner should be any canned items, with boxed items behind them.  To pack this bag, open the bag and place large narrow boxes such as cereal boxes or boxes of pasta along the inside walls of the grocery bag.  Next, place canned goods or small bottles in the middle of the bag with the lighter items on top.

Use another reusable grocery bag for frozen and meat items next. Combining meat items with frozen items will keep them cold and prevent spoilage.  Eggs can go on top of everything else in this bag.  You will want to keep any meat items separate from any fresh vegetables and fruits, so place your produce bag on the scanner next, in front of your produce.  When packing produce, put the heaviest items on the bottom, with bread items on the top.

Remember to wash your reusable grocery bags periodically with the rest of your wash if they are made of cotton, bamboo or jute.  If your reusable shopping bag is made of plastic, you can hand wash these in the sink and line dry them.

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