Save Our Shores Hosts Coastal Community Clean Up in Santa Cruz, California

Save Our Shores, an environmental agency located in Santa Cruz, California, is hosting 4 area beach and river clean ups on April 21st, 2012, in honor of Earth Day.  Save Our Shores is continually hosting community clean up projects all year, but this Earth Day clean up event will be their largest clean up effort to date. There will be four separate clean up locations: San Lorenzo River … [Read more...]

San Francisco Working Towards Expanding Plastic Bag Ban

In 2007, San Francisco was the first city in the U. S. to pass a plastic bag ban, but it initially focused only on large grocery stores and pharmacies.  Now, San Francisco wants to expand the ban to include most businesses, including restaurants.  If customers forget to bring their reusable grocery bag, the ban would impose a .10$ fee for any plastic or paper bags handed out at check out. Save … [Read more...]

How To Pack A Reusable Grocery Bag

There is a method to packing a reusable grocery bag so that your groceries will be protected while carrying them into your house safely.  Since plastic bags have come along, grocery baggers have not had to learn how to pack a larger bag properly because less items fit into the plastic bags.  However, you can help the bagger pack properly by lining up your items on the scanner in the order you want … [Read more...]

Are Your Reusable Bags Being Used?

The UK's Environment Agency has found that it takes 171 uses of a plastic reusable grocery bag to offset the higher carbon emissions a single use plastic produces during manufacturing.  That would mean that if you use your plastic reusable shopping bag twice a week, for 86 weeks, or 22 months, the product would be as efficient to produce as single use plastic bags but would create much less waste. … [Read more...]

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