Illinois Recycles Agrichemical Containers

eco friendly promotional itemsFarmers in Illinois have been relying on pesticides and herbicides to keep their crops safe from insects as well as rodents and to enhance the output of their farms. However, they have not forgotten their duty toward the environment and are doing their bit to recycle as well as reduce waste from their fields.   

The Illinois Department of Agriculture has initiated a new program to promote the recycling of agrichemical containers. The department has partnered with a number of agricultural groups such as the Illinois Farm Bureau to establish sites where agrichemical containers can be recycled and cleaned at no cost to the farmers.

How does the recycling plan help?

Aaron Winner, Manager of the Two Rivers FS CO-OP in Rushville stated that before the program was introduced, many farmers would just burn up the used pesticide containers and this resulted in pollution. As a result, the need for a special program to recycle these containers was felt.

This program offers farmers a free and convenient method to dispose off agrichemical containers to ensure that they do not get rid of the containers by just burning them. Aaron stated that when the containers were burned, no one really knew about it. But with this system in place, the containers are washed thoroughly before the state officials come to check on them. Once this stage is crossed, the clean containers are ground into chips. These chips are then used to make useful articles such as fence posts and shipping pallets.

You can get a brochure, with all the sites listed in it, by simply calling the Department of Agriculture in Illinois. A permanent collection site is located in Monmouth and there are temporary sites in Aledo, Jacksonville, Pittsfield, Blandinsville, and Rushville. Collection at the sites which are a part of this program will begin toward the end of July.

Eco friendly promotional items in farming

Like all fields, agriculture too needs a facelift with the introduction of eco-friendly products. The use of harmful pesticides and fertilizers must be swapped with eco-friendly natural substances that do the same job effectively, while enhancing the quality of human life and preserving the quality of soil. Proper disposal of agricultural waste is also a crucial aspect. Farmers who switch to organic farming are more than happy to make people aware of the benefits of using eco friendly promotional items.

Biodegradable products such as magnets and key chains that resemble farm products or animals are used widely. Recycled and uniquely shaped pouches filled with seeds are also a suitable promotional item.


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