Jute Reusable Bags Are Durable and Fashionable

Historically, harvesting jute was used to make rope because of its durability.  Jute comes from the Corchorus tree and is grown in India.  India is the world’s largest jute growing country.  It is a strong, vegetable-based fiber that also can be used as a material to make paper, cloth furniture, and even carpets.  Jute bags have many uses for both packaging raw materials and as custom reusable shopping bags.

Jute is second only to cotton in amount produced and the variety of uses of fibres that come from vegetables. Jute fibres are composed primarily of cellulose, the major component of plant fibre, and lignin, the major components of wood fibre, so it is partially a textile fibre and partially wood. It falls into the same category as hemp, flax, linen and ramie.

Jute is 100% biodegradable and can be harvested quickly.  Jute reusable shopping bags are usually a brownish tinge or sometimes a bit off-white in color.  Using jute as a material for bags gained popularity in North America as well as in Europe because the bags are inexpensive to make and last for a long time.

To keep your Jute reusable shopping bags clean, simply wash them in cold water in the washing machine.  It is important to wash your custom reusable bags to keep them e-coli free.  Make sure that you have specific food bags, and separate bags you use for items such as your gym clothes or non-food items.

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