Jute Reusable Bags Are Durable and Fashionable

Historically, harvesting jute was used to make rope because of its durability.  Jute comes from the Corchorus tree and is grown in India.  India is the world's largest jute growing country.  It is a strong, vegetable-based fiber that also can be used as a material to make paper, cloth furniture, and even carpets.  Jute bags have many uses for both packaging raw materials and as custom reusable … [Read more...]

Colorado Supporting Reusable Shopping Bags

It's time for the city of Boulder, Colorado to update its master plans for Waste Reduction.  Boulder City Council updates it's master plan every five years and the last update was in 2006. Boulder has been striving for a Zero Waste Master Plan over the years, and so the current issue of banning plastic bags is on the table.  In regards to plastic and paper bag usage, the city is considering … [Read more...]

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