Maryland University Comes Up with Eco Friendly Battery

eco friendly promotional itemsThe scientists at Maryland University claim to have made an eco friendly battery that will not only last longer but is also 400 times more chargeable. The wood coated with tin used in the battery is over 1000 times thinner than a paper piece. In addition, sodium replaces lithium to make the battery eco friendly.

About the eco friendly battery

Between lithium and sodium, lithium can more efficiently store energy, but sodium in combination with tin and wood is not only cheap and easy to make but can also retain huge quantum of energy. Since sodium is abundantly available and tin is a high capacity anode for sodium ion batteries, together they offer high storage capacity.

Sodium ion batteries enjoy several advantages over lithium-ion batteries. Sodium batteries can tolerate extreme conditions, while fragile lithium ion batteries are inflexible and susceptible to shrinking and swelling. Wood fibers make them the longest surviving nano batteries with over 400 charging cycles.

It is in the nature of wood fibers to release stress generated by the sodiation process. In addition, its mesoporous structure is comparable to an electrolyte reservoir that makes ion exchange through inner and outer surfaces possible. The idea of the use of wood and sodium in the battery, according to Liangbing Hu of Maryland University, was an inspiration from trees.

Sodium-ion batteries are long lasting because wood merely wrinkles when charged and discharged several hundred times, while wrinkles reduce battery stress, wood remains intact. In addition, wood fibers serving like the buffer resist changes in tin as tin anodes can weaken when constantly exposed to sodium ions. This explains why sodium batteries can last longer.

This research was funded by the National Science Foundation and the MarylandUniversity. Soft wood substrate can serve wonderfully as a material in low cost batteries. Scientists from IllinoisUniversity (Urbana-Champaign) have developed low-cost small but powerful batteries few months ago

Importance of encouraging the use of eco friendly promotional items among the youth

The concept of environmental sustainability cannot become a reality unless a large segment of global consumers are encouraged to use eco friendly promotional items and promote them. Environmental sustainability and the use of eco friendly items are related – leading to the health of the planet as well as of the individuals inhabiting the planet.

It is important to encourage the youth to use eco friendly items. They form a significant proportion of the global population and their number is set to rise. Additionally, the success of any movement is ensured with the participation of youth. They are likely not only to adopt the green ideology but also pass on the same to the future generations.


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