McGraw-Hill’s Publication on Green Buildings

eco friendly businessMore and more construction companies across the world are opting to build green buildings, and finding increased opportunities and business value through this decision. This is being confirmed by a report recently published by McGraw-Hill Construction and United Technology Corporation (UTC), which focuses on green building trends around the world and the benefits these trends offer to businesses.

The study published my McGraw Hill 

This study was jointly conducted by McGraw-Hill and United Technologies in association with the U.S. Green Building Council, World Green Building Council, and many other well-known institutions. Its purpose was to track global trends in the area of green building with an aim to identify the key drivers of this marketplace. McGraw Hill surveyed firms including engineers, architects, building owners, contractors, and consultants from 62 countries, with 92 % of the survey respondents belonging to Green Building Council from across the world.

McGraw-Hill also compared the sample collected from Green Building Council members against an audience that did not belong to Green Building Council but was involved in green building related work. The results of this study gave detailed reports of nine countries with a sample set that could be used for statistical analysis. The study also helped compare and build up a report along with the assistance of a similar study conducted in 2008.

One of the main findings of the study is that more and more firms are moving towards green building, and this is a globalized trend, rather than being restricted to a particular region. Another significant finding is that the movement towards green buildings is driven by the market demanding green buildings from the construction companies. Due to the increased demand for green buildings, the demand for green technologies and products is also increasing, which is helping rapid growth in this field.

A study on eco friendly promotional items 

According to the findings of the study, the trend towards using eco friendly promotional items and developing green buildings is on the rise with around 51 % of the surveyed people planning 60 % of their work to be environment-friendly by the year 2015. This is true of countries like South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Singapore, United States, United Kingdom, Australia and UAE, proving that this is a global trend.

While in 2008, the main push for green buildings was social consciousness, the main driving factors in 2012 were market demand and client requirements. Green building trend across the world has led to a demand in green technologies and products, leading to increased opportunities in developing countries as well as already established markets. Electrical, thermal, mechanical, and moisture protection are the most popular categories of green products with 60% of respondents claiming to have installed these in 2012.

The demand for everything being green has increased because it is associated with benefits like lesser operating costs and higher quality. Since lower operating costs can counter the challenge of high initial costs of green buildings, calculating the operating cost is a very important step for measuring the performance of a green building.


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