‘My Eco’ Program Calls People to Use their Own Wholesale Custom Shopping Bags

My EcoPlastic bags and single use bags are adversely affecting the ecological balance of our environment. In an attempt to curb their usage and promote the use of reusable bags in Massachusetts, MY ECO came up with an innovative solution that will take off in September, 2013. Partnering with Shaw’s supermarket, MY ECO will provide local schools or charities with donations as an incentive to shoppers for carrying their own bags.

Recycling program

Shaw’s Supermarkets is the first chain of retailers to join hands with MY ECO in their effort to increase the use of reusable bags in Massachusetts. However, MY ECO hopes that other retailers will join them as well.

According to this new initiative, shopper’s can decline a single use bag at the billing counter and instead, opt for their reward amount to be calculated and automatically donate to a local school or charity of their choice. The calculation of the reward amount is based on the number of bags that were diverted from landfills. This is based on the customer’s decision to use a reusable bag. In this way, the shopper does not pay out anything from his or her pocket but can still feel proud of having made a donation to a specific cause by simply carrying a reusable bag.

Each customer will be provided with a unique barcode that will carry details of the customer and the school or charity that he or she has opted for. When the customer declines a disposable bag and the retailer scans the barcode, the reward amount will be directly donated to the chosen cause. Once other retailers join the program, a customer can use the same barcode across different stores and the reward amount will be donated automatically.

As per the estimate, if a hundred families enroll in the program and shop at Shaw’s on a weekly basis, they could contribute over three thousand dollars for charity by just refusing single use bags. This will also help to keep a hundred thousand single use bags out of landfills.

A greener road with wholesale custom shopping bags

Single use bags may seem to be the most convenient option at the end of a shopping spree. However, once used, most of these bags are thrown out with the general garbage and end up making their way to landfills. Plastic bags do not break down completely and disposable paper bags end up taking up space in landfills where they cannot decompose properly. Thus, both plastic as well as disposable bags end up having a negative impact on the environment. If retailers opt for wholesale custom shopping bags, they can help reduce the adversities that are caused by these single use bags. In addition, if individuals start segregating their garbage properly, recycling single use bags will also be possible.

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