New Organic Store in Eagle Rock

eco friendly promotional itemsThe residents of Eagle Rock have found another option to stay healthy. After waiting for the business permit for almost a year, Andrew Perez recently fulfilled his dream of opening an organic food store in Eagle Rock. The store called Organix is located at Colorado Blvd. It is already getting a good response from the customers.

What does ‘Organix’ offer?

As the name suggests, Organix exclusively deals with goods that are either vegan, raw, vegetarian, organic certified, or gluten-free. This includes a list of vegan proteins, raw juices, grains, nuts, cereals, as well as pastas. It also offers organic vegetables and fruits. An increase in grocery items and frozen foods will be seen shortly which will make way for gourmet ice creams and vegan meals. A popular probiotic drink called ‘Kombucha’ made from fermented mushroom will also be available here.

Perez, who was born and brought up in Eagle Rock itself, hopes that the store will benefit to a great extent from its prominent location. He currently stays in Pasadena. He also said that during his childhood he visited almost all small convenience stores in the area. He added that he hopes to reinvent the same with Organix.

He has noted that a couple of stores away, healthy home-made food is available at a decent price. But he is not intimidated by the competition. What makes this store different from other organic food stores is that Organix hopes to keep itself driven by the request of the customers. Customers will be allowed to write their suggestions and choices in the customer request form.

Organic food as one of the eco friendly promotional items

The outlook of the community plays an important role in saving the environment. Until the people themselves don’t come together, not much can be done to protect the environment. There are various eco friendly promotional items, but they won’t help until people don’t make proper use of them.

Organic food is a healthy and environment friendly option. It tastes as good as conventional food and is lot more natural. It is highly beneficial to the body as it does not make use of any pesticides, chemicals, or other toxins. It also protects the environment as it is made organically. A lot of people are opting for organic food after knowing its benefits for the body as well as the environment.


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