New Recycling Program, Custom Shopping Bag – Cleveland Turns Green

Custom Shopping BagIn order to increase the recycling rates within the city, the city council in Cleveland has implemented a new recycling program. According to the Director of Public Works Department of the city, Brett Moorman, the residents in the city have adapted to the new recycling system very well. As a matter of fact, the residents participate so actively in the new system that the employees from the Public Works Department have been making three trips a week to drop off the recyclables at the recycling units.

The new recycling system

According to Moorman, in the new recycling system that has been formed with the Cleveland Recycling Coalition, the residents will have the choice of disposing their wastes into larger bins. He stated that when the city council purchased small bins, it didn’t expect the residents to participate in the recycling program as actively as they did. Therefore, now the city council is preparing to buy larger bins that would help them minimize their transportation costs by reducing the number of collection trips. Once the large bins are introduced in the city premises, the Public Works Department employees will only have to service the bins once a week.

At present, the residents have the option of dropping off their waste at the Public Works building. The residents who want to drop off their waste at the building need to enter it through the employee entrance, and need to sign at the entrance. Moorman stated that the residents have responded better than the city council expected them to, so the recycling activities are moving at a fast pace.

Advantages of using custom shopping bag and recycling

Experts are very happy about the fact that the residents are actively participating in the recycling activities. With the increased recycling rates, the litter levels within the city will reduce. Therefore, the burden on the landfills will also decrease. Along with recycling, the experts in Cleveland are also promoting the use of custom shopping bag among the residents. The city council wants more residents to switch to using reusable bags so that the level of plastic bag waste in the landfills can decrease.

According to reports, an average American generates close to four pound of waste every day. In the city of Cleveland that would amount up to an approximate 22,000 pounds of trash daily. At present, around 70 percent of that waste is being recycled by the residents, and the city council is hoping to achieve higher figures in the coming year.


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