Non-Woven Totes Filled with Gifts Encourage New Mothers to Breast-feed

Grocery BagsThe management in Covenant Plainview Hospital has found that giving new mothers non-woven totes filled with relevant gifts encourages them to breast-feed their children. These totes have various accessories related to babies, and according to the hospital authorities, these accessories help in promoting the breast-feeding option among the new mothers.

Previous gift bags encouraged formula-feeding

According to a certified lactation consultant, Ginny Rawls, the hospitals have always given new mothers gift bags with useful baby accessories; however, these bags have often encouraged formula-feeding among the mothers. This is because when mothers would face any problems with regard to their child, they would have the option of giving baby formula to the child, which is included in the gift bag. This formula would keep the child asleep for four to five hours, so the mother would rarely opt for breast feeding, as that would take up a lot of time.

The improved non-woven totes

The new totes that the hospital authorities are giving out have accessories related to breast-feeding, such as lotion samples, milk storage bags, breast pads, brochures with breast-feeding tips, and gel-filled ice bags. These accessories naturally make the new mother consider the breast feeding option, unlike the old totes that had baby formula in them.

The Covenant Plainview Hospital is giving its patients these bags in collaboration with the South Plains Breastfeeding Coalition. According to the President of the hospital, Janice Posey, the hospital gave out these bags to only 500 new mothers, as a trial, as they wanted to see how successful these bags would be. She stated that after a few days, the nurses in the hospital received positive response from the mothers, stating that the accessories in the bag made them consider breast-feeding as an option.

At present, the hospital authorities are planning on replacing all their baby gift pack totes with non-woven totes. The hospital authorities have admitted that in the past, the new mothers were not motivated enough to breast-feed their children in the hospital itself. As a matter of fact, hospitals have often introduced mothers to alternatives to breast-feeding. So in order to promote the traditional method of feeding among the mothers, the authorities are going to give out these totes to all their eligible patients. The authorities are hoping that with this change, the new mothers will try breast feeding at least for a few months and then switch to other alternatives.


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