Organic and Vegan Food in LA

Organic FoodGone are the days when people would come in to a restaurant and choose a pizza or a burger. Today when people go out they look for something different, something which is healthy and something which makes them have it again. The Locavoire offers exactly that. It provides its customers with vegan, completely organic, locally produced, and raw as well as alcohol-free dinner.

A vegan and organic restaurant in LA

Scott Franklin Manning owns this unique restaurant and he thinks this is the way ahead. Scott mentions that the health department has a 5% breathing space for restaurants that brand themselves as Organic and this 5% is what gives them all the room to slip preservatives and other ingredients such as additives, into their products. He also mentions that he tries his best to give his customers 100 % organic food. Scott believes the more you do to food, the more you take away from it. This movement will take its first step on 17th June, in The 1909 located at Topanga. Four chefs will be collaborating with Scott for the dinner. They are Ron Johnson, Chef Be*Live, Rawberto Sage, and William Edward.

This one of a kind restaurant has already caught the attention of a number of folks. The menu will include the likes of pepper lemon ravioli, cauliflower truffle gratin, tostada which includes a mango, sour cream made of coconut, as well as a cheesecake composed of blueberry and orange. Several non-alcoholic drinks such as Lime Mojita, Elixir composed of mint and coconut, Ginger Lemon iced tea, and coconut mango elixir will also add to the attractions. Solar Rain water will be served with each course. In addition, the diners can enjoy an evening with a relaxing acupuncture session, a table or chair massage, and energy healing. The evening will also be graced by a performance from Micah Nelson and Daniel Marley. Several eco friendly promotional items will also be major attractions at the dinner.

Eco friendly promotional items in restaurants

As mentioned earlier, a number of people have started gravitating toward organic food. The major reason for this is the human interference in the production of food produce with the introduction of pesticides and growth regulators. This has affected the natural tendency of food causing the shift toward organic produce. This restaurant has definitely an edge in the coming days with its unique brand of food and other attractions to keep the diners involved. The founder has also tried to make this a sustainable practice by founding the Community Sustainable Agriculture, an organization which involves the future generation with organic food.


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