Organic Flowers – A Good Option for Bouquets

eco friendlyFlowers are in demand everywhere, be it a formal occasion where your whole house needs to be decorated by them, or just a rose that you want to surprise your sweetheart with. But have you ever thought of whether the way they were grown could have been harmful to the environment? Now is the time to think. 

Sustainably Grown Flowers and Their Identification

Owing to the heavy amount of non eco friendly fertilizers and pesticides that are used to grow flowers, you don’t generally get them truly fresh. If you want to get fresh flowers, there are two options – either to grow them yourself, or buy ones that are sustainably grown. Flowers which have been sustainably grown don’t use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Instead, predator mites are used to destroy harmful insects that damage the plants and flower petals. They don’t use plastic or Styrofoam for packaging either. They are packed in biodegradable eco friendly promotional items.

Sustainably grown flowers can be identified by certification labels issued by various environment conscious organizations. These certifications require that the flower farms abide by some stringent labor and environmental standards. The most conspicuous among them is the one issued by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Unlike the labels issued by other smaller organizations, the USDA certificate requires that the farms are completely compliant with the organic regulations.

There are several websites that offer information on retailers and organic flower producers in your neighborhood. There are also some online shops that sell organically produced fresh flowers and deliver them to you.

Energy Efficiency and Eco Friendly Promotional Items in Horticulture

When flowers are grown in small numbers in heated greenhouses and then transported to the markets, there is a huge amount of energy wastage. This can be avoided if those same flowers were produced in large numbers and transported by some more eco friendly means. Also, according to the National Resource Defense Council, the organic flower trade plays a crucial role in the economic development of some of the Latin American countries. The women in this industry often face discrimination, and the organizations that certify organic flower producers are working against this. So if you decide to buy certified organic flowers, you would be contributing towards the betterment of the job conditions of the workers and their health. By choosing to buy a bouquet made of organically grown flowers, you will be doing your bit toward conserving the environment.


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