Organic Products Market in Lamorinda

organic products marketOrganic food is good not only for the people who consume it, but also for the environment, as the farming techniques used are ecologically sustainable. The area in and around Lamorinda contains many outlets offering options for organic food products. A large number of restaurants, shops, farms, and farmers markets have sprung up to cater to the growing demand for organic products. 

Benefits of organic products

Organic foods offer a number of health benefits over conventionally grown products. According to a report in Annals of Internal Medicine published in 2012, consumers of conventionally grown food products have a 30% higher risk of getting affected by pesticides than those of organic products. The report also stated that exposure to antibiotic-resistant bacteria reduces by 33% if organic products are consumed. Organically grown products are nutritionally richer than traditional products. As per a 2012 study published in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, the level of Vitamin C and anti-oxidants in organically grown broccoli is much higher than conventionally grown broccoli.

Organic dairy products and poultry are seen to contain higher levels of omega-3s, a substance that is very good for the heart. Apart from benefiting its consumers, organic food is also good for the environment. This is because it is mandatory for farmers growing organic products to make use of resources in a renewable way, such that the water and soil can be conserved.

Eco friendly promotional items in Lamorinda stores

Lamorinda has a wealth of stores and markets selling eco friendly promotional items and organic foods that cater to consumers across a wide spectrum of budget. Whole Stores is a large chain of organic stores with outlets in Lafayette, Oakland, Walnut Creek, Berkeley, and many other places. Sprouts Farmers Market Store at Walnut Creek and Moraga Produce located in Moraga are dedicated organic retail stores. Apart from these, Lafayette’s Diablo Foods, Mountain Organic Foods situated in Morago, One Earth Health Foods of Danville, Monterey Market, and Berkeley Bowl of Berkeley are worth exploring. In addition, Oakland’s Food Mill, Farmer Joe’s and Lakeshore Natural Foods, Rockridge Market Hall, and Concord’s Harvest House stock a variety of organic produce.

Even the bargain store, Grocery outlet stocks many organic products at discounted prices. Companies like Planet Organics,, Golden Gate Organics, and Farm Fresh to You even deliver orders for organic products right at your home. To directly purchase from the growers, you can visit a Farmers’ Market. The California Farmers Markets Association runs markets in Moraga, Rossmoor, San Leandro, and Walnut Creek. There are many others like Phat Beets, Urban Village, Pacific Coast Farmers’ Markets, Contra Costa Centre Transit Village, and Contra Costa Certified Farmers Markets setting up outlets in various towns across the region.


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