Organic Salt-free Seasoning in California, Arizona, and Hawaii

Organic Salt-free SeasoningResponding to the continuing demand for organic foods, Engage Organics is making its range of salt-free seasoning blends available across California, Arizona, and Hawaii. The promotional launch will take place on June 22nd and 23rd at all five locations of Andronico’s, a Bay Area grocery chain known for quality items.

Organic seasoning by Engage Organics in the US

Engage Organics began its corporate life as Parsley Patch, a company founded by Elizabeth Bertani and Patti Gage in 1980. Parsley Patch focused on making salt-free seasonings to serve increasingly health-conscious markets at a time when salt was not being used widely. As the demand for organic health foods gradually increased, its blends found widespread acceptance with celebrity chefs as well as everyday cooks.

Founded by Patti Gage, Engage Organics offers all the original seasoning recipes that once sold under the Parsley Patch brand, which was bought by a competitor in the late ‘80s. Under the Engage label – a contemporary version of the original Parsley Patch design – eight varieties of salt-free seasoning blends are being offered on e-commerce platforms. This gives the new company a much wider reach than its predecessor.  In the near future, the product range will be further expanded to include a line of hot barbeque seasonings.

Eco friendly promotional items encouraged by Engage Organics

While more and more companies are choosing eco friendly promotional items to lend their weight to the ongoing “green” movement, Engage Organics, by virtue of the fact that it is in the business of organic foods, is eco friendly.

Organic agriculture rejects the use of synthetic fertilizers, plant growth regulators, pesticides, and artificial food additives and is deemed to be soil, ecosystem, and people friendly.  Engage Organics promotes seasonings cultivated on their 100% organic farm in Potter Valley, California. These include the Original all-purpose with or without sesame seeds, the well-known Garlicsaltless Blend – ideal for making garlic bread, Tuscany-Mix – an original Italian Blend that gives any pasta a decidedly Mediterranean accent, Mexi-Mix – which offers the flavor of real salt, without the negative consequences, Sweet-Cinn – which can turn the average cup of coffee into a Starbuck’s special, Lemon Pepper, and It’s-A-Dilly – which is an absolute must with any fish, chicken, or potato preparations.

The company’s most recent offering, Go-Grill-A-Rub has been created for barbeque enthusiasts and is ideal for chicken, pork, and beef dishes. Jason Sherwood of Engage Organics states that Go-Grill-A-Rub has the right amount of heat and sweetness to tantalize your taste buds with flavor and not salt.


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