Organic Wines and Non-Woven Wine Bags in the US

organicThe wine shops in America are fast picking up on biodynamic and organic wines. Just like the increasing trend of consumers going for organic food, the demand for organic wine is growing too. It’s not just the shelves in the supermarket that display labels claiming “organic”, but also the wine stores.

This naturally made wine can be classified as biodynamic and organic. While organic can mean a variety of things based on the country in which the wine originates, biodynamic is higher in standard than organic and is defined on a stricter term.

What is organic wine?

The process of making wine is broadly categorized into two stages that is growing and fermenting the grapes. Organic grapes are used for making organic wine. Organic grapes are the ones that are grown without adding any artificial pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides. After the grapes are fermented and the wine is made, care should be taken to make sure that sulfites are not added to it. Even if sulfites are added, it should be an extremely small amount. The wine that is made following this procedure is organic wine.

Sulfites refer to sulfur dioxide that is used by winemakers in order to slow down the fermentation of the wine or to bring it to a halt. It also works like a preservative. Interestingly, sulfites are naturally present in wine. This means organic wine is not sulfite-free. It just means that no additional sulfites are added to the wine apart from the ones that are naturally present.

You may find wine that says it is organic, all natural or grown organically, but all these can mean different things. So it gets a little confusing to understand what exactly the label means. The bottom line is that if a wine says it is 100% organic, it implies that there are no added sulfites in that particular wine. The organic certification in America is governed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Organic wine and non-woven wine bags

The use of non-woven wine bags too is getting popular in the US. As most of the people are aware of the dangers of plastic bags, non-woven wine bags are a better option. These bags are not only reusable and recyclable but also attractive. They can also be customized. People desire everything organic for themselves, so why not opt for organic substitutes for the betterment of the environment too?


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