Pet Bag Dispensers and Green Pet Bags at Boylston

dispensersBolyston’s Recreation Coordinator Karen Barber and husband Stu have initiated an attempt towards curbing the possible hazards due to animal waste. Kelly Freda, an environmental analyst at the Department of Conservation and Recreation in West Boylston, pointed out that if animal waste is exposed to open air for a long time, it spreads bacteria into the surroundings, which later gets washed down by the rain and mixes up with the drinking water. This makes the residents more susceptible to health problems. Unlike the non-biodegradable plastic wrappers or containers, natural and bio-degradable waste can also cause a lot of damage to the environment, if not treated properly at the initial stage.

Blue Pet Waste Dispensers for Pet Waste Disposal 

To combat the risk caused by disposal of animal waste, the Barbers’ decided to launch blue pet waste dispensers. These comprise poly bags which can be easily taken from the containers and used to lift solid pet waste. These can be further dumped into trash barrels kept at the waste stations. The green pet bags are easy to make and are cost-effective as well.

How to Make Pet Waste Stations for Recycling Waste into Green Pet Bags

One can purchase cheap plastic shoe boxes for less than a dollar each. One can cut out the top flaps and the bottom part of it. One could then fill up these boxes with poly bags or shopping bags made from plastic. The dispensers must then be put up at the designated spots.

Response from the Community

The blue pet waste dispensers have been installed at three parks in Boylston. They are now affixed to poles at three parks in town – a couple of them at Manor Field, one at Orient Street, and another at Greenwood Street. It’s been only two weeks since the dispensers have been installed. So, it is a bit early to say how exactly people are responding. It is hoped that the community would benefit from this new approach to the process of disposing pet waste. The Barbers’ hope that people will take advantage of this newly introduced practice and learn to dispose pet waste in the trash barrels instead of leaving the environment contaminated. Such initiatives will encourage others to dispose their waste properly so that the materials can be recycled to eliminate the chances of the environment getting affected.


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