Plastic Bag Ban In LA Will Make Way for Promotional Tote Bags

Promotional Tote BagsLos Angeles is the latest addition to the list of cities that have banned the use of plastic bags. LA is the largest city to ban plastic. The ban is applicable to all small and large markets, including grocery giants such as Wal-Mart and Target. The law will come into action on January 1st next year in large stores, and later in small stores from July 2014. Some customers were surprised by the areas of impact this ban would have.

Customer reactions

Customers should bring personal promotional tote bags after the ban. The alternative to reusable bags are paper bags offered at the malls, which demand the customers to pay ten cents, as per the law. Customers feel they are being fleeced by this ban. It is yet another strategy of the stores to make money from the average citizen. Customers chide the idea of paying an extra ten cents for a paper bag, which is neither sturdy nor reusable. They want free bags with their purchase. They know that this sum is negligible and forms a small part of their monthly disposable income. However, over a period of time it is sure to affect their savings. Customers also feel that this added expense might reduce the business of the grocery store, as people will buy less stuff to save for grocery bags later.

On the other hand, some customers are in favor of the ban, as it is favorable for the environment. People are taking time to get accustomed to this new change. Not everyone will remember to bring along a reusable bag each time he or she goes out shopping. But at the same time, everyone has spare bags at home, which can be reused instead of increasing plastic pollution.

The struggle behind promotional tote bags

The ordinance won with a majority of 11 is to 1 vote. Several environmental groups worked hard toward achieving this majority. The groups underwent a lot of struggle. They went from city to city, campaigning, to ensure a greener world for the generations to come. The council members hope that this law enforcement would serve as an inspiration for the State Legislative Council to enforce the law at the State level. Senator Alex Padilla, whose proposal for plastic ban was refused last year, was also happy with the decision of the LA Council. Hopefully, by next year one third of California’s demography would come under the purview of plastic bans.


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