Plastic Bag Ban in San Clemente

bag banThe Coastal Advisory Commission at San Clemente is perturbed by the escalating issue of plastic bag waste disposal. So, it has proposed that the city council of San Clemente should put a ban on the usage of single-use plastic bags within the city limits. The city council has contemplated on the proposal of banning single-use plastic bags twice in the recent past, and may come to a conclusion soon.

San Clemente may follow other cities

According to Tom Bonigut, a member of the Coastal Advisory Commission, many cities in the United States have taken the decision to ban the circulation of plastic bags. The plastic ban laws have been implemented in the past few years and according to Tom, San Clemente should implement similar laws as well. The proposition to ban plastic bags has been rejected once by the San Clemente city council; but the commission’s members, who proposed this ban previously, don’t mind in presenting the case before the city council once again.

The need to encourage promotional reusable bags and ban plastic

A member of the commission that proposed the single-use plastic bags ban in front of the city council, Peter Salgado is willing to speak in favor of the ban again. According to him, the city is facing issues with regard to plastic waste disposal, and banning plastic bags is the only available solution. Peter added that to get the ban approved, he is willing to research and show the city council the success of similar bans in the other cities within the country.

According to the Chairman of the commission, Bill Hart, the issue needs to be explained to the city council in a more simplistic manner. He feels that the city council disapproved of their proposal to ban plastic bags the first time as the commission failed to emphasize on the importance of using promotional reusable bags over single-use plastic bags. Reusable bags will reduce the burden on waste disposal landfills by a large extent, and so the proposal to ban plastic bags should focus on the advantages of reusable bags in detail.

Bill states that the commission needs to specify the details of the plastic waste issue and that the city council needs to be given practical alternatives to the current system. According to Susan Ambrose, another committee member, the commission should team up with other eco-friendly organizations to make their case stronger in front of the council. At present, the commission is deciding on the terms of the new proposal, and the new proposal is going to be presented in front of the city council in the month of February, 2013.


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