Printable Reusable Bags and Recycling in Pittsfield’s Schools

Printable Reusable BagsRecycling has been a part of many schools in the Unites States of America for quite some time now. Many recycling events and programs are held, mostly annually, which encourage students to recycle and make the whole recycling process a lot more fun. These programs also give the students an opportunity to come out with new and useful recycling methods. But a recent study revealed that around fourteen to fifty percent of the waste found in the trash bins of schools could be recycled.

Recycling gone wrong

Annie Stilts, who works for the Center for EcoTechnology, audited a total of two middle schools and eight elementary public schools to study the trash collected in each school. The main aim of this study was to analyze the trash that is thrown out at schools and see how much of the trash is recyclable. With the help of the cafeteria workers and the custodians, Stilts monitored the recycling process and made sure that the waste was sorted in a proper way.

Bruce Collingwood, the public utilities city commissioner, said that the study was divided because a change was noticed in the volume of the trash. A larger amount of trash was being dumped by the schools and it was important to find out the reason behind it.

The final report of the study was recently presented by Stilts. It showed that a considerable amount of trash that could be recycled made its way to the trash bins. Though 71% of the waste dumped by the schools was non recyclable, 29% of it was actually recyclable. Recyclable materials like cans, milk cartons, and paper made their way to the trash bins rather than the recyclable containers.

Recycling and printable reusable bags

The summary of the report submitted by Stilts mentioned that improvements can be made in the recycling efforts of the schools in Pittsfield. Some of the schools in Pittsfield got into recycling from as early as 2000. But there are some schools that still have to learn about recycling the right way. Over the years, students have been encouraged to opt for eco friendly options like printable reusable bags, tote bags, and other items instead of plastic bags.

The committee mentioned that education and work in this area will help the schools in gaining more knowledge about the subject. The committee also said that student leadership while participating in the recycling contests, and informing the students about what is recyclable and what is not, will help in improving the recycling process.


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