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wholesaleIn a recent report, a jury of experts suggested that all the towns and cities in Marin County, should ban plastic bags in order to deal with the plastic waste problem of the region, in a realistic manner. At present, only a few of the towns within the county have a ban on the usage of single-use plastic bags, but experts feel that the county council needs to implement a standard law within the region.

The plastic bag ban in Fairfax

In the year 2012, Fairfax became the first town in the state of California to implement a ban on plastic bags. The authorities within the town stated that the ban would help the county in saving its natural resources, and it would also benefit the health of the residents. In addition to this, the residents in the town supported the ban, and so it was implemented.

After the implementation of the ban, the plastic pollution within the town has reduced considerably. Looking at the progress that the town has made, a jury of experts feels that all the other towns and cities within the county should implement this ban as well. The jury feels that this ban will help in reducing the litter on the roads, and it will also protect the wildlife in the region. So, they have proposed this idea in front of the Marin County council.

A proposal to promote discount bags wholesale

To make the plastic bag ban official within the county, representatives from the Marin Hazardous and Solid Waste Joint Powers Authority have started drafting a model. This model would state all the details of the plastic bag ban. The final copy of this model is expected to be submitted by the end of 2013, but the representatives have finalized a few details so far.

According to the present copy of the model, the plastic bag ban would apply to all the retail stores within the county. This includes departmental stores, grocery stores, and retail businesses. But the ban would not imply to food joints or restaurants. The model also states that the residents will be encouraged to use reusable bags or discount bags wholesale, and apart from reusable bags, they will have access only to paper bags. This model has been supported by many prominent council members and other governmental officials, and according to experts, it should be implemented by the beginning of 2014.


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