Proposal to Introduce Printed Custom Bags Promotional in Tompkins County

Printed Custom BagsTompkins County Environmental Management Council is planning to place a ban over plastic bags circulation in the city. The ban also aims at charging a fee for paper bags. This will ensure a gradual transition in consumer behavior. People will switch from using plastic bags to reusable bags. The Council aims to do this by way of printed custom bags promotional.

Mixed opinions of the residents of Tompkins

Residents of the city have varied opinions about the ban coming into action. Some feel that it curbs their freedom of choosing among different alternatives. On the other hand, some residents are of the opinion that the charge should also be placed on plastic bags. So people excuse themselves from buying them, and as a result switch to reusable bags. Better yet, place a higher amount of charge on plastic bags than on paper bags. Some citizens are in favor of plastic bags, as they use plastic bags for trash cans, pet waste disposal, and other purposes.

The committee’s response to residents’ opinion on printed custom bags promotional

The council members feel that promotion of reusable bags is in no way hindering anyone’s choice. The residents need a new perspective on this issue. Any new law is faced with some initial resistance, but it is sooner or later incorporated into the system. This will come about when people begin to see a long-term growth. This ban will help reduce garbage and cluttering of landfills as well as poisoning of stray animals.

Status of the Bill at present

The Bill will be looked into by 1st July, by the Tompkins County Legislature’s Environmental Quality Committee. Carol Chock, Chair of the committee, feels that the motion might undergo modifications and will be subjected to a great deal of criticism from consumers as well as environmentalists. But the change will soon be incorporated, as has been in eighty American communities.

Jason Wadsworth, Wegmans Sustainability Coordinator, is neutral on the motion. But he believes that through printed custom bags promotional they can make a big difference to the environment. He further commented that the best way to eradicate pollution due to plastic waste is by recycling plastic. Their plastic bags are made of 40 percent recycled material. The polybags returned to stores are recycled by their supplier of new plastic bags. He is looking forward to a mature dialogue with the Tompkins County Environment Council, to reach a positive solution.


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