Rancho Cucamonga’s Green Business Recognition Program

eco friendly programSanta Barbara Townhomes, a community owned by Lewis Group of Companies has joined the Green Business Recognition Program of the city of Rancho Cucamonga. This community, at 10855 Church Street, has adopted green practices aimed at the efficient use of energy, reduction of waste, conservation of water, urban gardening, etc., indicating their commitment towards ecological sustainability.

The Healthy RC Green Business Program

Healthy RC Green Business Program is a part of the Healthy RC Program run by the city and aims to push for environmentally sustainable efforts in the community and city operations. A business can become eligible to be acknowledged as Healthy RC Green Business by showing recognizable efforts in the fields of water and energy efficiency, transportation, recycling, pollution prevention, stakeholder engagement, waste reduction as well as by undergoing resource assessments. Businesses participating in this program are awarded with a Healthy RC “Green Business” label that can be used to stick on the window display of their businesses and advertise their green credentials. The businesses are also publicized and recognized for their sustainability efforts at the council meetings of the city and at various city outlets.

These businesses get media recognition in the form of publicity on Healthy RC’s website and through community newsletters like Morenewsletter. They are also featured on TV programs like Healthy RC Living Show (on RCTV-3).

Eco friendly promotional items promoted by Santa Barbara Townhomes 

The 192 unit community of Santa Barbara Townhomes makes use of a number of eco friendly promotional items and equipment in their operations. Energy efficiency is increased by installing ceiling fans in all bedrooms, powering the swimming pool heating system using thermal energy, using low powered LED lights in 65 % of electrical points, and installing energy efficient appliances in each home. Attempts are made towards water conservation by using low-flow toilets and showerheads. Drip irrigation is used for watering landscape, making it drought-tolerant.

Instead of using paper notices and flyers, memos are emailed to residents. Waste is further reduced by using refilled toner cartridges and recycled paper for office work. The community contributes towards reducing pollution by contracting with pest controllers who use environment-friendly products. Their   maintenance staff makes use of eco-friendly cleaning items. This residential area also has a community garden in which residents are allocated space to grow vegetables, thus encouraging urban gardening. Bicycling is encouraged by providing bike racks for parking cycles close to the leasing office, and also letting residents borrow cycles for riding around the city.

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