Rebate on Wholesale Cloth Shopping Bags Ends

Wholesale Cloth Shopping BagsAfter providing a rebate on reusable bags for five years, Stop & Shop recently brought this program to an end. This move by the supermarket has left many environmental groups upset. One of them has even prompted to decline a donation of $10,000 to the store.

End of rebate

The rebate program was launched by the supermarket in 2008. Under this program, customers were given a rebate of 5 cents for every reusable bag that they used for buying groceries from the store. This program was deigned with the aim of decreasing the consumption of plastic bags. This initiative by the supermarket was a success. Spokeswoman of Stop & Shop, Arlene Putterman said that 15 million paper and plastic bags were saved due to this program last year.

The supermarket chain which has its stores spread all throughout Long Island, has mentioned ‘plateau in effectiveness’ to be the reason for the termination of the program.  Putterman said that the program had reached a stage where it was no longer influencing consumers to bring their own reusable bags. He also said that the store wants to reinvest in ways that will be environmentally impactful.

President of the New York Metro division of Stop & Shop, Don Sussman, announced in his letter to the customers that the company will be making a donation to The Nature Conservancy situated in Long Island. The company has announced the donation amount to be $10,000. But the Conservancy has declined this offer. The spokesperson for Nature Conservancy, Kara Jackson said that the donation was turned down to avoid confusion and rumors. She explained by saying that accepting the donation would mean an approval by Nature Conservancy with regard to the decision of Stop & Shop. So, the Conservancy declined the donation.

Why wholesale cloth shopping bags are better

Executive director of an environment related organization in the area, Adrienne Esposito, said that use of plastic bag can increase the pollution at beaches, parkways, neighborhoods and bays. This increase will in turn result in higher expenditure of the cleanup cost apart from causing a loss to marine life as well as wildlife. On the other hand, reusable bags like totes, wholesale cloth shopping bags, recycled bags, etc. save the money of the retailers as white plastics cost them 1.5 cents per bag. Esposito also said that the rebate program was a good initiative and should have been continued as it worked for everyone.


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