Recycle Your Clothes and Get Discounts from North Face

Recycle Your ClothesThe outdoor clothing giant, North Face, and a recycling company, I:Collect, have partnered to launch a recycling program called “Clothes the Loop”. Specially marked collection bins have been placed outside 10 retail outlets of North Face in various cities to collect used clothing and footwear, regardless of the condition or brand. These items will be sent for repurposing to I:Collect.

The program initiated by North Face

The initiative called “Clothes the Loop” aims to reduce the quantity of used footwear and clothing going to the landfills. North Face has placed bins for collection of used apparel and footwear in 10 of its retail outlets in cities like San Francisco, Chicago, New York, etc. It has offered an incentive of $10 discount voucher for customers who contribute to the collection bins. These used clothes and footwear will be sent to a recycling center run by I:Collect (I:CO), a company that specializes in collecting, sorting, and repurposing used textiles and shoes. It is here that the collected materials will be sorted and graded, and accordingly be either resold, or sent for recycling into raw materials for the purpose of carpet padding, toy stuffing, or insulation.

North Face believes that a program like this would help its customers get involved and make a positive difference. The company will donate the earnings from the “Clothes the Loop” program to a non-profit organization that funds campaigns for protecting outdoor spaces.

North Face promoting eco friendly promotional items

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimated that in the year 2010 itself, around 22 billion pounds of used textile waste was sent to landfills. This initiative will help in reducing the amount of waste that is generated, by offering an alternative way for dealing with old products that have become useless. This will prevent landfills from getting flooded with old clothes, and help preserve natural open spaces that would otherwise be used as landfills. As per I:CO, upto 95 % of discarded waste that is collected through the program can be repurposed by re-wearing, reusing, or recycling.

North Face believes that by providing an easy way for customers to donate used textiles, and by rewarding them for the same, they are offering the latter an outlet to get involved and make a positive difference towards environmental sustainability. Apart from this particular initiative, North Face has shown its commitment towards encouraging the use of eco friendly promotional items by creating durable products that come with a life-time warranty.

Around 10,000 to 30,000 liters of water is needed to produce one t-shirt, and the process involved releases 3.6 kilograms of Carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. If textiles are effectively recycled, upto 95 % less quantities will be consumed, as believed by I:CO.


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