Recycled Bags, Reusable Trade Show Bags Can Help Santa Fe after Plastic Bag Ban

Plastic Bag BanSanta Fe has almost finalized its verdict on the ban on plastic bags. The city is most likely to ban carry out bags made from plastic in all the stores. Almost all the city councilors have showed their support for the bag ban.

What does the ban hold in store?

The Finance Committee of the City Council too, recently showed its support for the anti-bag law which will prohibit stores from giving out plastic bags. The proposed ban also suggests a fee on paper bags. The city plans to charge at least 10 cents for paper bags.

But the ban does not state that plastic will be banned altogether. The residents and the stores will still be able to use small bags made of plastic. Restaurants and other facilities providing take out food will also be allowed to provide these bags to their customers.

The ban still has some time to go before coming into effect. Till then the council members have the liberty of changing their decision.  Final vote on the topic will be given in August. In case the ban gets implanted in the city, Santa Fe will join the league of Seattle and Los Angeles. These cities too have imposed ban on plastic bags recently.

The city is already preparing itself for the new law. The officials of the city are planning to purchase a total of 10,000 reusable bags. They plan to distribute these bags to the residents of the city, free of cost. The officials have also spoken to the local store owners and business men in the city and said that most of them support the proposal while others are ready to make adjustments.

The Chamber of Commerce of Santa Fe is one of the groups that have shown disapproval in this matter. The chamber is of the opinion that the officials should wait till the comprehensive study on the solid waste of the city comes out.

Reusable trade show bags, recycled bags can be great help

One of the councilor, Dominguez said that he has seen the problem caused by the plastic bags for himself and thinks that the ordinance will be great for the city. Director of the Environmental Services Division, Cindy Padilla said that people can also use the recycling bins placed in the city. These bins will allow the residents to make it a habit to recycle their stuff. They can also use reusable bags, trade show bags and recycled bags to carry their groceries.


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