Recycling in Jackson County will Promote Re Usable Grocery Bags

Reusable Grocery BagsThe residents of Jackson County will soon be a part of a new and improved garbage disposal plan. This contract will last for five years and is in association with the Waste Pro. It is aimed at encouraging the habit of recycling among the 26,000 rural households in the county.

Details of the contract

The supervisors have approved the contract which will come into effect in July. They ensured the program will not cause any inconvenience to the residents as there will not be any change in the schedule of the garbage pick-up days.

But they did mention that there will be some changes in the way the residents have been disposing their garbage. They hope that these changes will encourage a higher participation rate in curbside recycling.

Jackson County has been into curbside recycling since 2008. Under this program they have been picking up recyclables from households and businesses on a weekly basis. Brian Fulton, the County Administrator said that a lot of improvement can be done at the curbside recycling as presently only a small section of the pick up is being recycled.

The residents will get bigger recycling bins. They will also get the freedom of sorting out the recyclable items. They can dump a whole bunch of acceptable recyclable waste in one bin itself. The list of accepted recyclable materials includes plastic milk cartons, phone books, aluminum cans, soda bottles made from plastic, magazines, newspapers, cleaned glass bottles (brown and green), jars, water jugs, as well as tin cans. These items are easily processed by the waste collector.

Ronda Powell, the Head of the County Solid Waste department said that the new contract will make the whole process of recycling easy for the residents as well as the solid waste authorities. She also requested the residents to dump all their water bottles in the recyclable bin rather than just throwing a few of them. She added that many people are well aware of the advantages of recycling but for many of them it is not easy to get accustomed to recycling on a regular basis.

Promoting use of re usable grocery bags and other recyclable items

Nicole Grundel, the spokesperson for the Waste Facility of the County, said that recycling will be promoted in the county through education, social media, recycling events, and advertisements. These promotions usually focus on the use of re usable grocery bags, tote bags, canvas bags, and recycling of materials on a large scale.


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