Recycling in St. Christina School

organicUSA gain organized its Earth Month Challenge competition in April 2013. The organization has been hosting this competition annually since last seven years. Around 540 schools from the entire nation participated in this event making it a grand success. St.Christina School located in Mount Greenwood won the third place in this contest by recycling a whooping 2,445 pounds of clothing and shoes.

About the event

USA gain, which is a for-profit textile recycling company based in West Chicago, organized this contest to educate and create awareness among school children about textile recycling. Conducted in the month of April to celebrate the Earth Month, this challenge required the participating schools to gather textiles like clothes and shoes and put them in the USA gain’s drop boxes placed in their schools. The top five schools that collected the highest amount of textile were offered prizes ranging from $1000 to $100 respectively.

All the schools that participated in the contest collected a total of 188,650 pounds of textiles. A Certificate of Sustainability was given by USA gain to all the participating schools to honor their effort and commitment. St. Christina School won $500 which it intends to use for putting iPads in every classroom in the school.

Need for eco friendly promotional items

According to the Mattias Wallander, Chief Executive Officer of USA gain, such contests are a good method for schools in the direction of raising funds for themselves. It also educates the students about keeping the textiles away from getting dumped into the landfills. He also said that 85% of unwanted cloth materials in the US is either thrown into trash or covered in landfills every year. This has an adverse effect on the environment.

Such awareness programs educate and inform students about eco friendly promotional items and ways to recycle items like plastic, paper, glass, and cans. Alderman Matt O’Shea of the 19th ward said that such programs prove very beneficial in teaching the young generation about the importance, need, and ways of taking care of the earth, which is very essential for a better future.

The amount of textiles that all the schools collected in this contest was equal to 43 garbage trucks full of clothing. This amount implies that more than 1000 cubic yards were saved from being used as landfill space. It also means that millions of gallons of water have been saved and a high amount of carbon dioxide emissions have been prevented from destroying the environment.


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