Recycling Program Hauled Out of Amory to Encourage Recycled Totes

Encourage Recycled TotesAmory, a city in North Mississippi had started a recycling program with great enthusiasm. However, due to the careless nature of some of the residents who did not follow the guidelines as set by the company, the program had to be withdrawn since it was no longer cost effective. 

Recycling program pulled out

After the withdrawal of its recycling program, Amory is now in a fix and does not know what to do with its waste. The recycling program was handled by Waste Pro of Mississippi Industrial – one of the fastest growing privately owned waste collection and recycling companies, known for its comprehensive range of waste collection systems.

Since some residents of Amory failed to follow the guidelines for recycling as specified by the company, the company had to withdraw its services from the city, explained the mayor of Amory – Brad Blalock. He also mentioned that cost effectiveness was the main matter of concern, and believed that the company was not getting any profit since a lot of manpower and time was wasted in sorting out waste material in the containers.

Blalock also stated that the citizens’ interest in recycling waste matter was appreciated. However, it would have been a great program if the citizens had started off well by segregating the waste properly before putting it into the recycling bin. He also pointed out that getting rid of waste was expensive and recycling would definitely be a better option.

Officials at the company stated that the company had no problem with restarting the program in Amory, as long as they were convinced that the residents would adhere to the rules set for recycling.

Residents who support the recycling program and promote environmental awareness hoped that a solution would be found soon, and that the recycling process would resume at the earliest. An Amory resident – Megan Sweatt stated that it would be really helpful to the environment if people understood the guidelines for waste disposal and learnt how to dispose off their waste in the right way.

Recycled totes and reusable bags can make a huge difference

The support of a community as a whole is necessary for the success of any program, including waste reduction and recycling programs.

In order to reduce waste, communities can use recycled totes and reusable bags. These bags not only discourage the use of plastic bags that clog up landfills, but are also convenient to use. They involve a one-time charge and can be used for years. Such bags are easy to carry around and are more durable than plastic or paper bags. Recycling also helps to conserve energy and natural resources that could be used to make fresh products.


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