Recycling Program in Cuyahoga County

eco friendly promotional itemsYears ago, citizens of Ohio were faced with the issue of decreasing space for landfills, a matter which was not taken lightly. Over the years, they have been making an effort to reduce the volume of their personal waste as well as set aside used items for recycling. As a result of their efforts, the residential recycling rate has gradually increased and in 2012 alone, Cuyahoga County recycled 227,473 tons of residential waste.     

Details of the recycling program

The shortage of space in landfills made the people of Cuyahoga County realize the need for recycling and waste reduction. According to the Residential Recycling Report released by the Cuyahoga County Solid Waste District, 57 communities in CuyahogaCounty recycled 227,473 tons of residential waste during the year 2012. This averaged to approximately 356 pounds per person.

The annual report that was presented showed a community wise breakup of the 227,473 tons of waste that was recycled through various initiatives such as the composting programs, curbside and drop-off recycling programs as well as other documented waste reduction efforts. According to the report, Beachwood, Bay Village, Glenwillow, Cleveland Heights, Walton Hills, Pepper Pike, and Woodmere ranked among the top communities with a minimum recycling rate of 60 percent. Cleveland, East Cleveland, Newburgh Heights, North Randall, and Warrensville Heights figured at the bottom of the list with a recycling rate of less than 10 percent.

The Executive Director of the Solid Waste District – Diane Bickett stated that the residential recycling rate had risen to 33 percent from a meager 18.5 percent, since 2001. According to her, the recycling rate had increased because the communities offered single-stream collection of garbage in addition to curbside recycling, allowing residents to pack paper, glass, cans, and metals into a single recycling container or bag. The waste meant for recycling was then divided among four privately owned recycling facilities to be sorted, cleaned, and baled before being sent to the manufacturers dealing in recycled products.

Bickett also mentioned that due to the recycling endeavors, the landfills were not getting filled up as quickly and there was sufficient place to dispose off waste for the next 50 years. The County was also able to save money spent on landfill fees while conserving the environment.

Influence of eco friendly promotional items on landfills

Once used, many products, irrespective of the material used for making them, end up in landfills. However, landfills are not bottomless pits and they are bound to run out of space sooner or later. Keeping landfills free of reusable and recyclable items ensures that space is available for non-biodegradable waste. This practice also curbs the need for new landfills. So, the production of eco friendly promotional items has a positive effect on landfills.

The production of eco friendly promotional items also protects the environment by conserving natural resources such as energy and raw materials while minimizing air and water pollution.


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