Residents in Tucson Adapting to Eco Bags Wholesale

wholesaleTucson city residents are slowly adapting to the ordinance passed in the month of March 2013, which effectively bans the usage of plastic bags in the city. The ordinance is in full effect now and the residents are expected to keep a check on the plastic bags used daily. The groceries are supposed to check the use of plastic bags and provide eco bags for free or at a low price to the customers in keeping with the ordinance passed. The main objective of the new rule is to promote eco bags wholesale production and usage in the city, moving towards a cleaner and greener city in the future.

Along with the environmentalist idealism behind the ordinance, the promotion of the bags has created new avenues for revenue generation in the city. The much-needed awareness about environmental issues is being addressed currently in the city for the wide acceptance of the ordinance by the masses. Many small retailers and environment-conscious companies have readily accepted the new reform and are supporting the cause wholeheartedly to create greener and eco friendly surroundings in the future.

Urgent Need to Address the Criticism Faced by the Ordinance

On one hand, where many are supporting the ordinance which will necessitate the purchase of eco bags at a minimal cost, there are a few who believe that this is a futile step and the funds spent on it should be effectively used to improve social service bodies instead. The lack of environmental awareness among the residents is preventing the wide spread acceptance of the rule. It is therefore required that the authorities address to the masses explaining the consequences of either accepting or discouraging the plastic ban rule.

Paul Cunningham, one of the councilmen, provided a statement on the same lines that it is our responsibility to create an environment-friendly ambiance for the future generations, and the ordinance will not in any way affect the businesses or the economics of the city.

Plastic Recycling and Eco Bags Wholesale Production Units

In stores like Food City, the environmentalist concept is not a recent advancement as they recycle almost all of their plastic wastes. The council is looking forward to the establishment of units which will produce eco bags on a mass scale, to reduce the cost of such bags. Paul Cunningham argues that all major cities in the world have progressively undertaken their roles and have banned plastic bags usage completely, so Tucson should not fall back and burden the environment with all the toxic waste generated by the city regularly.


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