Residents of Fort Lauderdale Wake Up to an Organic Breakfast

Organic BreakfastThe residents of Fort Lauderdale now have their very own breakfast truck which ensures that they start their day with a healthy breakfast. Named ‘Eggstatic Food Truck’, this non-traditional food joint has already succeeded in attracting a large number of people.

Breakfast on the go

Hectic schedule and lack of time have been forcing the residents of the city to skip the most essential meal of their day. Taking this thought into consideration, Diana Litcher, the co-creator of Eggstatic, came up with this idea. She thought of this alternative to making healthy breakfast available to people on the go. Eggstatic serves breakfast made of natural and organic ingredients.

Making its first appearance in June, Eggstatic recently celebrated its grand opening. The opening took place outside Satori residential complex which is located close to Sunrise Boulevard. The residents can find the truck outside the complex every Tuesday to Friday, from 7.30 to 10.30 in the morning. Diana mentioned that she gets an average of 40 customers every day.

Arie Gonzalez, one of the many who are impressed by Eggstatic, shared her story. She said that the organic approach of the service drew her towards it. After a hard workout at the gym, she prefers having a natural, light breakfast which is what she got at Eggstatic. Apart from the fact that the food was tasty and healthy, she was also happy about not having to take out time for cooking.

Other than the organic food, another factor that has generated a lot of interest for the service is it’s quirkily named menu. Falafel with fried eggs have been named “that’s all yolks’ while ‘great eggspectations’ is a dish made of maple agave and caramelized apples along with French toast. ‘Huevo over your head’ is deep fried tortilla with spicy chili, which is topped by spinach, fried eggs, sour cream, and cheese.

Eco friendly promotional items and organic food getting popular

Eggstatic is the first food truck in South Florida to offer organic breakfast. A graduate from a culinary school of Johnson and Wales University, Litcher and her business partner Charles are happy with the response. It is evident from the response of the residents that organic food is getting more popular and it is expected that they will use eco friendly promotional items in their day-to-day lifestyle as well. Litcher makes use of handpicked products from the farmer’s market and Marando Farms. Eggstatic also offers food at local events. On Saturdays, it can be found from 11am in the morning to 2pm in afternoon at the southern side of Davie Boulevard.


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