Residents of Seguin Get Containers of 65 Gallons to Hold Recycled Items and To Recycle Bags with Logo

Recycled ItemsThe City Council of Seguin approved the first reading of the recycling program which will begin in October. The decision was made with the votes of the members. The residents will also get containers of 65 gallons which they can use to dump recyclable items. These containers will be collected under the residential trash collection by the city contractors on a weekly basis.

Reaction to the program

This curbside recycling program will charge three dollars per month to every household that is a part of the program. This has caused a bit of a stir among the people in the lower income group. Ernest Leal, a Councilman read out a letter written to him by a 91 year old person from his district. The letter described his difficulty in making ends meet due to his low income. Leal said that he represents the people of his district in the Council. He said that these people would gladly be a part of the recycling program had there not been any fee on it. Another Councilman named Nick Carrillo too was in his favor.

Ruben, the ex City Councilman was against this program. He was of the opinion that charging a fee for recycling will create inconvenience for the people earning hand to mouth. It may also pull them back from actively participating in the program defeating the whole purpose of the program.

Marvel Maddox presented a few suggestions given by Siempre Sustainable Network. These suggestions were aimed to help the poor residents to participate in the program. One suggestion was to add a donation line in the utility bills of the residents of the city. Even a single dollar per year from every household would easily make a collection of $7500. This money could then be distributed among the people of the low income group to enable them to pay the recycling fees. Another suggestion was that Siempre Sustainable Network would raise the necessary amount by itself.

Recycle bags with logo, paper bags, and grocery bags

The opposition said that recycling programs are organized with the purpose of encouraging the residents to recycle bags with logo, paper bags, plastic bags, and grocery bags among many others. The main aim of these programs is to inculcate the habit of recycling in the people of the community. They also added that poor households should be exempted from paying a fee for being a part of such programs.


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