Results of Bottle Cap Recycling Challenge Announced

eco friendly promotional itemsNorth Hempstead is a town known for its endeavors to safeguard the environment with the help of the youth. The most recent project was the ‘May We Have Your Caps Back’ Competition, which was held for the second time. 49 schools across North Hempstead participated in the contest, competing with each other to accumulate the highest number of bottle caps. Great Neck South Middle School emerged the winners in this eco friendly drive. 

About the Contest

The ‘May We Have Your Caps Back’ contest is one of several efforts of North Hempstead to encourage the preservation of natural resources and the environment as a whole. The material used for making bottle caps varies from that used for making the bottle itself. Both materials melt at varying temperatures during the recycling process. As a result of this, other municipalities have opted against the practice of recycling bottle caps. However, North Hempstead realizes its obligation toward the environment and has undertaken the mammoth task of recycling bottle caps.

Forty nine schools participated with gusto in this attempt to promote environmental awareness. Great Neck South Middle School came first in the competition with an astonishing 150 pounds of bottle caps. Notre Dame of New Hyde Park came in second with a total of a hundred pounds of bottle caps. In the third place was Manhasset High School with 75 pounds of caps.

All the bottle caps collected through this competition will be recycled. The Aveda Division of Estee Lauder will ensure that the recycled caps are used to package its products, in turn adding more meaning to the efforts of the participants.

This effort was appreciated by the whole town. Town councilwoman – Lee Seeman of Great Neck stated that the cap collection program was a superb idea to imbibe the importance of preservation of the environment in the minds of young citizens. Town supervisor – Jon Kaiman remarked that by making the youth aware of environmental issues, the town was ensuring that it maintained the high quality of life that the residents enjoyed.

Importance of encouraging eco friendly promotional items in schools

Children are like sponge – they absorb everything that is taught to them. Targeting school children to promote environmental awareness is recommended. Not only will they take up the challenge with enthusiasm but will also have the right values etched in their minds for a long time. So, encouraging environmental awareness programs in schools will ensure a better tomorrow.

The use of eco friendly promotional items in schools will further draw the attention of the children to environmental issues and provide a better understanding of what can be achieved through recycling. Conducting creativity workshops in schools that aim at reducing waste, reusing articles, and recycling will further help the cause.


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