Reusable Shopping Bags Used at Tampa Art Exhibition

Reusable Shopping BagsThe children of Tampa got an opportunity to make the best use of recycled items to show their talent. An art exhibition was recently organized in Tampa where the children and teenagers of the city participated. These participants displayed their art exhibits that they had made using recycled materials.

What happened at the exhibition?

Two of the sculpture exhibits crafted exclusively with recycled materials have been displayed at the Community College Art Gallery and Children’s Board in Hillsborough County. These two exhibits have been named ‘Beautiful Beasties’ and ‘THINK eARTh’.

The participants were guided by the art team of a youth art course called Community Stepping Stones. This non-profit organization operates from Sulphur Springs and also offers art programs after school for the Housing Authority of Tampa.

The ‘Think eARTh’ exhibit is up for display at the Children’s Board lobby. On July 16, it had an official opening. It also served as a reception for welcoming the new director of the agency, Kelly Parris. This exhibit will be displayed till October. The second exhibit, Beautiful Beasties will also open shortly and will be on display for the whole of July.

Community Stepping Stones, executive director, Sigrid Tidmore said that the exhibition helped the children by leaving them to their own imagination. He was happy with the outcome of the exhibition and was overwhelmed to see the remarkable things that the little children did.

Art with reusable shopping bags

Children between the ages of 6 and 12 also made a ‘Helping Hand Tree’ which was 10 foot long. It was made from aluminum, paper mache, and plastic debris used in day-to-day life. It also made use of old vinyl albums as well as CDs, soda cans, and plastic crevices.

On the other hand, ‘Beautiful Beasties’ which was created by the students of the University of South Florida and the teenagers from Stepping Stones is all set for its grand opening. This exhibit is a representation of the life cycle of small aquatic organisms in the nature namely zooplankton and phytoplankton. ‘The Sea Slug’, one of the many critters has been made with plastic bottles, yogurt cups, coffee stirrers, reusable shopping bags, cat food dishes, and jar stoppers among many other materials.

Kelly Goshorn, who was at the reception at the venue, said that the exhibition has been complemented by a lot of people. She also said that she feels good to be a part of the team when people click pictures of the exhibits and admire them.


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