Save Money and Water with Eco Friendly Rain Barrels

Eco Friendly Rain BarrelsKnoxville city, Knox County’s Water Quality Forum, and Farragut town have come together to offer citizens low-cost compost bins and “Ivy” rain barrels to help them save money and improve the area’s quality of water. After placing online orders, residents can collect the bins and barrels.

How eco friendly rain barrels and compost bins help the environment

The program to offer rain barrels and compost bins to citizens is a significant step towards making people more conservation conscious, while creating a healthier environment in Knoxville.

With water being a scare resource, any initiative aimed at saving it is most welcome. Rain barrels (placed at the spout end of gutters) collect rainwater and reduce pressure on the drainage system. Flash flooding is prevented and storm water management gets a helping hand. Additionally, the harvested water can be used in car washes and for watering gardens and lawns.

Compost bins play an important role in waste management. Considering that almost 30% of waste sent to landfills is biodegradable, using bins for composting at home has many advantages. Composting saves landfill space and reduces pollution by preventing methane and leachate from being released into the environment. As composting converts waste into nutrient-rich soil for use as a free natural fertilizer, there is no need for chemical fertilizers, which are not only costly, but also adversely affect the quality of water. A lot of garbage that goes into a compost bin includes biodegradable kitchen waste like vegetable scraps, used tea leaves, coffee grounds, and egg shells, as well as waste from a garden, like leaves and cut grass.

Parci Gibson at the Knox County Stormwater Management Office says that the program encourages people to be environmentally pro-active, while helping them save money.

Importance of eco friendly promotional items

With landfill space running out and consumers becoming increasingly environment conscious, the need for biodegradable or recyclable products is greater than ever before. Today, more companies are going “green,” not just in their main product lines, but in their promotional efforts as well. By using eco friendly promotional items, they come across as being progressive and environmentally-conscious, in turn earning the goodwill and the long-term support of their target groups.

In fact, the demand for eco friendly promotional items is so great that many companies have made the manufacture of such products, ranging from pens to pen drives, their main business.


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