Several Cities in San Mateo County Promote Custom Recycled Bags Eco Friendly

recycled bagsTo celebrate Earth Day, a lot of cities in the San Mateo County region decided to implement their single-use plastic bag ban on the 22nd of April, 2013. Approximately 12 cities implemented this ban on the same day, and all the local retail shops, grocery stores, and pharmacies participated in it.

The plastic bag ban in the cities

According to the Director of the Environmental Health in the County, Dean Peterson, all the cities have implemented the ban successfully, and the store owners have been cooperating with the authorities. He stated that Earth Day was ideal for the cities to implement this ban. All the cities that have implemented the ban are situated in the Bay region, which needed immediate attention. According to reports, the Bay has become much polluted in the past few years, and plastic bags are the main component of the polluters in the region. This is one of the primary reasons as to why the ban has been implemented in these cities.

The need to use custom recycled bags eco friendly instead of plastic bags

Plastic bags have a lot of side effects on the environment. Firstly, they are non-biodegradable in nature, so when they are disposed in the landfills, they break down into smaller particles and seep into the soil. Plastic content degrades the quality of the soil, and it also pollutes the underground water. Secondly, even though waste management authorities ensure that they collect plastic waste in an organized manner, a lot of bags are displaced into the larger water bodies or local sewage systems. These bags block the sewage pipes, and they have a negative impact on the marine ecosystem as well.

According to Peterson, the residents in San Mateo County use close to 550 million single-use plastic bags in a given year, and a ban on these bags will lower the circulation of these bags. At present, the residents have the option of bringing their custom recycled bags eco friendly to the store, or they can pay 10 cents to get a paper bag from the store. But none of the stores will provide plastic bags to their customers.

The residents in all these cities are supporting the ban on plastic bags and they feel that reusable and paper bags will help them dispose their waste in an easier way. The retailers on the other hand have a mixed opinion on the ban, but they have agreed to oblige with it.


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