Shoppers Adjusting to Personalized Reusable Shopping Bags Wholesale in Solana Beach

shopping bagsSolana Beach was the first city to place a ban on plastic tote bags, in the entire San Diego County. The ban came into effect from August 2012. It affects both small and large retailers. They must charge 10 cents from customers willing to purchase plastic bags while shopping. The alternative is to carry their reusable shopping bags or load the merchandise directly from the cart into their car. 

Most residents and retail shop owners have consented to this ban, though working professionals feel that the ban can cause an imbalance in their already tight budget. Though some people consider it a positive step towards protecting the environment, others are still adjusting to it. Some people think that it is not right to expect every shopper to carry his or her own bag as a lot of busy citizens may forget to bring shopping bags from their home.

Reasons behind placing the ban

Plastic bags are harmful for marine life. They clutter landfills and garbage piles. Plastic takes about 500 years to decompose naturally. So, the use of personalized reusable shopping bags wholesale is advised.

The city officials in Solana Beach follow eco-friendly practices and ensure that they keep the beaches clean and retain their natural beauty. The ban mentioned here has been placed specifically on the one-time use plastic bags to eradicate the depletion of exhaustible natural resources. The ban is expected to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, garbage heaps, and marine pollution. Stray animals on the road also consume garbage, and take in plastic in the process. It is a fatal thing if consumed!

Going green by promoting personalized reusable shopping bags wholesale 

Solana Beach is the first in San Diego to have banned the use of plastic bags in grocery stores or pharmacies. The city of San Francisco enforced the law on banning plastic in 2007. Around 44 cities in CA have imposed a similar ban. About 24 other cities across USA have followed and resorted to the use of reusable shopping bags.

As of now, almost 71 jurisdictions in CA have banned the use of plastic bags, which affects every one in five residents. Californians use about 14 billion plastic bags each year. It is of utmost importance to minimize this quantity. The city officials in Solana Beach expect that the ban would reduce the ratio of people using recyclable bags to every one in three residents by the end of 2014.


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