ShopRite’s Contest to Create Printed Tote Bags Custom Made

Printed Tote BagsShopRite started the Reusable Bag Design Contest on October 15, 2012 at Williamstown in New Jersey. The contest came to a successful end in January this year. The participants were asked to create printed tote bags custom made, with creative designs that would generate awareness regarding hunger problems across the world. The winning design would be the cover design of all ShopRite reusable tote bags. In addition, the winner would be awarded a sum of $2,500. This grand prize would be followed by first and second runners up, who would be given recognition and a check for $1,500 and $1,000 respectively. The short-listed candidates had to travel to Edison, NJ, and attend an event where the winners were announced.

About ShopRite

ShopRite initiated this contest with the purpose to discover the hidden artist in common people. This would give their talent a positive channel and make their creations purposeful beauty. Residents of NJ, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Delaware were eligible to apply for these contests. They must be above the age of 18.

In short, residents of all those towns that ShopRite have stores at were eligible to apply for these contests. Founded in 1946, ShopRite comprises of about 50 independent associates with about 250 stores. These stores come under the purview of Wakefern Food Corporation. WFC controls about 30 stores through subordinate ShopRite stores. It is also the biggest associate among the group of cooperatives.

The Dual Purpose of Printed Tote Bags Custom Made

The ShopRite contest served two purposes at once. It incorporated two social issues in the activity. The primary concern was to generate awareness regarding hunger problems across the globe. Secondly, it also encouraged the use of reusable tote bags. Already a number of states in the US have passed the Bill for either banning plastic bags at shopping stores, or charging a certain amount for every bag that a customer takes from the store.

The charge is irrespective of whether the bag is a plastic bag or a reusable tote bag. Reusable bags are the trend setters these days, with the US contributing to one-fifth of the total garbage generated in the world. Plastic bags are not only harmful to human beings, but are also fatal to animals who mistake it for food. Plastic bags take a minimum of five hundred years to self-decompose. Contests such as the one conducted by ShopRite help to spread awareness and enhance the use of reusable bags made from cloth or paper, which are bio-degradable, unlike plastic.


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