Sno Pac Celebrates 70 Years of Providing Organic Food

eco friendly promotional itemsRun by the Gengler family, Sno Pac Foods Inc. recently celebrated its 70th anniversary. This pioneer has been providing organic food since 1943. Caledonia business has even mentioned that Sno Pac was the first company ever to grow and supply frozen organic vegetables.

The success story

Sno Pac has come a long way since its inception. Today, the company also deals with frozen juice concentrate and frozen fruits. The company is planning to celebrate its success by expanding itself. It plans to add a processing plant along with few offices at Enterprise St. This 27,000 sq ft building will make way for additional freezers for the company. It will also help in looking after the packaging operations. The President of the company, Pete Gengler, said that he is planning an open house for the public once the additions are done.

He said that over the years, the competition in organic food market has increased. He also added that there has been an increase in its demand too. Sno Pac has seen a significant growth in its sales and production. Gengler did not forget to give the credit for the growth of the company to his employees. He said that one of the main reasons for the success of the company is the dedication and the support of his employees. The company has around 50 employees. These employees work around the year while ten additional employees work only during the demanding season, that is, usually around June to September.

This family business first started with a home construction business. J.P Gengler started it while his son, Leonard Gengler, constructed a locker plant. He rented the freezer space to the farmers and the people of the Caledonia. Meanwhile, he started raising vegetables, goose berries, and strawberries at a farm that he brought. He used his freezer plant to freeze and process the fruits and vegetables he grew. He did not make use of any chemicals to grow them. In 1943, he began selling these organic items in towns like Winona, La Crosse, Lime Springs, and Decorah. Today, Sno Pac sells its items all over the country.

Impact of eco friendly promotional items

A number of people have started opting for eco friendly promotional items after realizing their importance and benefit. Organic food is one such item that is not only good for health but also for the nature. It is made organically, that is, without the use of chemicals and pesticides, which makes it a lot more beneficial than the non-organic food.


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